Italian Trulli Philippe Barbe


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book cover The Weighted Bootstrap , Lecture Notes in Statistics, Springer, 1995 , with Patrice Bertail (INRA)

Published papers

Time-frequency representation of nonstationary signals - the FIFogram (2021): Pure and Applied Functional Analysis, (to appear), 11 p, with Antonio Cicone, Wing Suet Li, Haomin Zhou.

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Unpublished work

On q-algebraic equations and their power series solutions (2013), with W.P. McCormick, 53 p

Consistent exact tests for semiparametric single-index models (2012), F. Jouneau-Sion and O. Torrès.

q-Catalan bases and their dual coefficients (2012), with W.P. McCormick, 46 p

Some Tauberian theory for the q-Lagrange inversion (2013), with W.P. McCormick, 43 p

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